Syntax Issue 10
Denver Syntax


With the release of The Way Back Home, Denver’s Januar, (pronounced, yah-new-wahr) is fast establishing itself as more than the band with the strange name. Rounding-out their sound with the help of the immensely-talented audio engineer Jme (of Blusom) – Januar has set themselves in prime real estate.

Ambitious and loaded with talent, Januar has walked a familiar path in the music industry. After they thought their CD was being produced and pressed and dressed with artwork through their label on the west coast – they were shocked to find that this was not the case. Moreover, they had scheduled a CD release party, but they were without a CD.

Luckily they retained the rights to the music – because they did not remain with their label after that fiasco. Now lifetimes ago, Januar has since waltzed into the spotlight and taken-over venues all around Denver.

With a dreamy sense of texture and playful sense of melody, Januar has catapulted into a, hitherto, nearly unexplored genre in Denver. With only a few acts playing anything similar, Januar has been able to diversify their shows and filling a variety of venues with their sound.

Watery and sweet, Januar is not all smiles. Their music both swirls and condenses in that dark spot behind the sternum. And somewhere it all, sandwiched in-between the multitudes of layers of varying thickness are the vocals - which are complicated and dark, but satisfactory for anyone's sweet tooth. In all, Januar is an eclectic collage of dark and light and the complicated intermixed with fluid melodies.