At the beginning of 2008, Britt Rodemich was going to put the kibash on her musical ambitions as a songwriter and singer. But everything has changed and now this songstress is turning heads in Denver with her EP, The Tree.

Pushing the boundaries of traditional songwriting by incoporating everything organic, Josephine and the Mousepeople are set to take Denver by storm with their unparalleled live performances and conception of what a song can be.

With his June release of When Head Kills Heart, Ellison Park is quietly becoming one of the Queen City's most provocative acts that predicates his work on the one thing we all have and understand: the human voice.

The Dan Craig Band's new release Wirebird is a testament to bravery and integrity. And while you may have to make some difficult decisions, remaining humble and knowing what you're best isn't a bad place to begin.

Laura Goldhamer's "edgy children's music", stop-animation films and live shows has arrested Denver audiences and dropped jaws. But it's her social critiques and understanding of herself that is big and bright and guiding her way.

Only three months ago, Sam Glover's Natural Selection was invisible. Maybe the most exciting and new band in Denver - this funky act is skyrocketing into the Denver musical heirarchy with the biggest live show in all of the Rockies.