jolie prather
assisted dying
There are no barbed wires here:/there are keypad numbers/green lights and weathered LEDs

john paul davis
winter compline
Night is the world turning its face away from light;/Winter is earth throwing back its head.

luc simonic
provincial 401
there are pieces to/be afraid of everywhere.

one year
Grass in the wind/Measuring my distances.

death of beauty
repetition in song./The melodrama of daily living

suzi q. smith
he was almost invisible/as if each day/the eraser took a bit more of his color

the other woman
he fucked me like the other woman/kissed me like a clean slate/abounding freedom

chris kornacki
6 a.m.
silence. except for a soft crackling sound/from the end of my cigarette

why i'm still here
on sunday/i woke up/& slid from under/your arms

jonathan penton
not-sonnet #21
all i want/is for you to grab hold/of my sin/from the inside

brad vogler
bruce e. miner
What else is there to do/he thought heavy and lost/himself as girls passed with a scent

nicholas moore
graveyard shift or the devil at large
Sing, sing says the pack/All box cutters and eerie looks/In passing

adam brunner
black dog
Days later, I will come back/And find the room empty,/I will close the door behind me