Issue 10

Managing Editor      Jonathan Bitz
Poetry Editor      Suzi Q. Smith
Webmaster      Alex Bitz
Production Director      Henry Gray
Assistant Editors      Adrienne Callow and Tala Jorgensen

Illustrations      Davis G. Coombe

Send all Submissions and general inquiries to syntax editor: here

WHAT TO SEND Provocative works dealing with madness, sex, death, general mishaps, strange infirmities, unique situations and the like; sociological criticism/assessment; philosophy, physics; interesting use of language (within reason). We enjoy wit, and clever pieces that play on words, while keeping focus on the storyline.

GENERAL GUIDELINES In your cover letter, keep it brief – but include a short, general bio. indicating previous publication credits.

The subject heading of your email should include the word "submission". Do not use weird fonts or formatting. Times and Arial work just fine. All submissions must be sent as an attachment, in MS Word format. Do not paste your submissions into the body of your email. Simultaneous submissions are fine – just let us know if your work is going to be published elsewhere. All submissions must include your name, the work’s title, and an email address.

POETRY GUIDELINES Submit 2.5 – 7 poems at a time. One submission batch per issue please. Poetry must be intelligent and intelligible. We don't want obscure. And we don't want trivial. Clear and clever wordplay, with a focused through-line is what we’re looking for.

SHORT FICTION GUIDELINES Submissions should be a maximum of 5,000 words, but as prime time television begins at 7 p.m. or so, we encourage pieces to be under 2,000 words.

VISUAL ART GUIDELINES Images should be no larger than 750 K – and that’s for a very large image, around 500 pixels square. Attach images in .JPEG format to your email.

ESSAYS AND EDITORIALS Submissions should not exceed 3,000 words. Subject matter: Philosophical inquiries, sociological criticism, music, psychology, science-related. No politics. But if you’re a socialist or a communist, please indicate this in your submission, and please include your address and phone number – so we can hunt you down and lynch you.

Send all Submissions and general inquiries to syntax editor: here