Enter Sas' Gallery
Several years ago there was a sociological survey taken, on the question of beauty. This survey queried a multitude of cultures around the world and found the one characteristic that all cultures regarded as beautiful, was youth.

I took this result heavily into account when I first found Sas Christianís work. Obviously alluring, Sasí compositions rely on this component of youth. Youthful, yes. But just how young are her subjects? ďI donít think theyíre young girls,ď Sas says, ďTheyíre older than adolescent. Itís their eyes that give them that childlike quality.Ē

It is the eyes. In every one of her pieces, the predominant feature is quite obviously those gorgeous, bulbous, ocean-sized eyes. They pull you right in.

Sas Christian works out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida with her husband Colin, who is also a talented artist. She finds her inspiration all over, in one-liners and in music. She hasnít been painting for very long. She kind of stumbled into it, by discovering that she was good at it. And that she is. With her graphic design background, her work hints at an illustratorís genius. Sasí work has been shown around the country and even appeared in Juxtapoz.

Visit Sasís Gallery at syntax.

Then, visit Sasís website at: www.hotboxdesigns.com