"A poem should be intelligent and a poem should be intelligible.
Most modern poetry is either obscure or trivial.
Often what masquerades as poetry is a series of words strung together
with references so esoteric that the text has no meaning..."

- Phillip Corwin

luc simonic
    I need more than 800 times this and
     If I had it would I scrap for more

chat with god
     I am now just an ordinary human and
     it sucks.

pianos and guitars
    Pulling hatchets out the backs of all
    the ghosts, In echo halls of heavy
    stomping crowd.

julie payne

screw empathy
   they've cut down the judas tree by
    the river, i have nothing to hang you by

tacitum est
    the day you said nope with a really
    hard p, abused my ears bilabially

just verbing around
    you walk around with adjectives
    in your pocket, jangling ugly and
    inferior near your instrument of

phillip corwin

80 proof and more
    Row upon row like glass soldiers
     they stand, caps on tight, labels
     front, name tags smartly polished
balkan winter
     I know those faces, those dulled
     boots that crunch, on crusty snow,
     the cigaretted breath

chinese scroll paintings of bamboo
     the bamboo will not conform to the
     blotches and stains of human error.

corey mesler

neil young poem
    Once there were players who,
     if not gods, were chosen.

holly dunlap

sea storm
   an infinite shipwreck of lines
     I am squeezing my bow too tightly