jonathan bitz
the places of invisibility
I am the voice of the movies. I am the voice of Hollywood.
amy muldoon
seceret messages from the amazing ghost boy
There are hidden messages everywhere. We see them and pass by, not taking the time to think, to decipher the codes.
luc simonic
bob, the one-eyed clown
Bob was 52 yesterday and a promise of his adolescence was tormenting him.
tim denevi
the devil's veiny wings
He was drawing the blade over the muscled veins of his forearm. I imagined blood like strands of my red hair dragging behind the tip.
john h. matthews
the blue pig
The way you knew it was Fledge was no matter what kind of beat up car he drove, it always had the same bumper sticker on it.
anna belle patterson
what doesn't kill you
They cried when they made love now, both aware of the utter fruitlessness of it, and yet driven to try for some kind of connection they could never reach.
wayne scheer
a sexual disneyland
Mrs. Amescroft runs one high-class whorehouse. Sorry, bordello.
spencer dew
dollar girl
To me she explains her theory of demons, how their system of kinship differs from ours, family structure in hell.