Enter Mark Ludy's Gallery
The world of Mark Ludy is about to grow even larger.

This June, Mark Ludy and Green Pastures Publishing will be releasing an ambitious book entitled, Flower Man. This wordless book relays the tale of the modest and vibrant Flower Man, an old man that steps into a colorless world. The story chronicles some 40 different subplots, including the tales of the Uninspired Artist, the Bathtub Man, the Thief, the Lover, the Unloved Girl, the Snobs, the Wishing Boy as well as a multitude of others.

As a project, it is remarkable. These facts aside: The book was drawn and colored all with a pencil mouse, on Ludy’s computer. And: there’s an absolute Everest of detail in the town that Ludy carefully crafted.

Colorado author, illustrator and speaker, Mark Ludy, is a jovial talent. And unless you are still in elementary school, or a working in one of those schools, you may never have the fortune of hearing one of Ludy’s impassioned, hilarious and motivational speeches.

In 1998 Mark started a publishing house, Green Pastures Publishing on just a handshake and a prayer. Eight months later, The Farmer was released. Reviews of praise soon followed. Subsequently, the book garnered the runner-up award for the Children’s Book of the Year. Then, in 1999, Ludy published The Grump.

“But then came a hiccup that would last four years,” Ludy stated, “Come to discover a handshake is not what it used to mean in my grandpa’s day. I stepped away from the publishing house and for the next four years worked as an industrial designer and then as marketing director for a coffee franchise.”

But this hiatus didn’t last for long. Recently Ludy completed a collaborative effort with Justin Matott the outcome being When I Was A Boy... I Dreamed. And in July of 2005, Green Pastures will be releasing, When I Was A Girl... I Dreamed with author, Annie Oliver.

Rich with texture and vibrant with color, Ludy’s work digs for the places where children long to go: Deep into the earth – toward China; into forlorn Egyptian tombs; and of course, in the Ice Cream shop. And now, with the release of Flower Man, Ludy has created an altogether inviting world where, once somebody comes into contact with one of the Flower Man’s flora – they turn from black and white, to color.

Visit Mark Ludy's website at: www.loodles.com