jonathan bitz
the namesake
He was an orphan child. And, in that moment of learning this, he knew not his age in years. He only knew that he had lived for an indeterminably long time.
julie payne
Myrna was popular in high school. It didn't matter she had a stupid name, she had a great ass. She looked good in a cheerleading outfit. She put out.
jamila asha johnson
digging holes
Langston Bobble is having one of those days. You know the type—the days that don’t make sense to anyone. Some days make you want to go back to church and tell a balding man of all your sins.
laurel sparks
sins, trains and automobiles
They made a history of stealing free intimate moments. Many false starts had finally put them where they needed to be. They had gone for broke.
michael overa
anyday's child
I am your cliché. A story that you will retell to yourself, over and over. Slowly changing the meaning and the moral, wondering if you invented her.
michael chacko daniels
sing an indian name
Is singing the price I have to pay for her to tell me which name I match, or what looks would make me a ‘David Abraham’? I wonder.
anthony pennay
the wiener dog story
Dumb George is called Dumb George because he’s dumb. In California they’d call him special and put him in a class with a bunch of other special kids who work on special art projects, but here in Retchville we just call him dumb and put him in the front row.
m. blake
dry morning
Lush Life sways a little unsteadily (he was off in his head just a little too much, and suddenly is brought back dizzily), almost falling onto the dirty sidewalk (last night’s paper scraps, drink and piss stains, cans, the dirty drains) as he plunges ahead in the early morning.