Enter ReThunk's Fashion Gallery
You may find it strange to think that a tube from a bicycle tire could be reused, as a fashion accessory. And sure, everyone reuses their VCR tape - to record over unwanted television programs. But to make a dress? That's strange, right? And what about old vinyl car interiors - surely you couldn't do much with that, right? Wrong.

This is exactly the premise that ReThunk works with. Mariah Becerra, the "Leadless Fearler" of ReThunk has set-out to rethink the way we approach fashion and reproach trash. The primary purpose of ReThunk is: to recycle old, unwanted goods; and fashion them into… well, fashionable pieces. Strange? Maybe. But ReThunk's wares are definitely clever, well-made pieces of…wearable art.

From a variety of wrist bands and boas made out of recycled bicycle tube to her creatively-executed 8-Track tape dress, Becerra is a renegade. She makes dresses of out bread tabs, pop tabs, baby pools, waterbeds, used and torn tee-shirts, or even Monopoly money. She adds to any of that - a seat-belt, as the perfect accessory. Eccentric? Yes. Strange? Definitely not.

"Three years ago, I gave myself official permission to wear whatever I wanted to. Without fear of what people thought," Becerra states. She credits her background as a theater stage hand and designer for spurring on her creative confidence. The Denver Center for the Performing Arts has been her stomping grounds for the last ten years. "Nothing is impossible to make. They do the impossible everyday at the Theater Company."

Get a Permission Slip And ReThunk's fashions are a product of that self-expressive stance. The wares are loud, different and mostly one-of-a-kind, and all are handmade. It's as if Becerra is pushing others give themselves permission that they too can, and moreover - should wear whatever they wish, without fear of the social repercussions. One of variety of wristbands comes complete with windows that urge the buyer to put "Your Art Here".

With an ecologically conscious approach, Becerra states that her goods will not arrive over packaged. Her logo is the bottom feeding Dung beetle, an ingenious little bug. But don't let this steer you away from her - she is not an eco-nut. Instead, she appears to be more intent on employing an extremely smart and creative business sense. Most of her products are simply a reaction our disposable society. She has a mind to make the beast eat it's own tail.

And not only is her aim smart, but it is adroitly executed. As Becerra states, "Cleaning rubber is a fine art at Rethunk, second only to design, and well, maybe dumpster diving."

ReThunk's wares have been seen in a variety of places, most underground. Trash Fashion Shows are just the beginning - the launch for what can be seen as a practical, wearable, creative fashion option. "The monster 'Fashion' does not dictate ReThunk's choices. We keep her securely locked beneath the shop where she keeps her limiting opinions to herself."

For any ordering, or for additional information please go ReThunk's website at: www.rethunk.biz